• This can be done by visiting Kuwait Clearing Company and bringing the original civil ID
  • Or register in Maqasa Online service

  • Cases of transfer of ownership are limited to first- and second-degree relatives
  • The treatment can be carried out through the public or private power of attorney (provided that there is an evidence stated in the power of attorney).

Yes, by requesting the issuance of a "ownership declaration" report or through Maqasa online service

No, a court order must be extracted allowing the disposal of those shares by extracting a "petition order stating the right to transfer shares."

Visiting Kuwaiti clearing company with bringing the original civil card.

The dividend checks are delivered to the heirs' agent (under a power of attorney or acknowledgment), and the checks are divided among the heirs through the deceased's bank.

The validity of the certificate is linked to the matching of the balance in the shareholder register.

No, the person from whom he is transferred must be present or under an power of attorney that allows the required procedure.

The bonus shares are added to the same location as the client's actual balance, whether in trading or registrar.

Through Kuwaiti clearing company website and company announcements in official newspapers, as well as through Boursa website.

Through digital channels available from your bank or by visiting the bank.

Yes, by submitting an inquiry request about shares and paying the prescribed fees

Only companies that keep their registrar with us.

The number of shares available to the client in the registrar

No, only one bank must be selected from the participating banks.

In the event that more than five business days have passed from subscribing without transferring the cash dividend, you must visit your bank to ensure that you are subscribed to the service.

Its validity period is 6 months from the date of printing the check, and in the event that it is not cashed during that period, the original check must be returned to Kuwait Clearing Company to renew it according to the procedures for renewing the check.

Bring an official letter from the Public Authority for Minors Affairs after the shareholder reaches the age of majority and visiting Kuwait Clearing Company so that the shares are disposed of.

By visiting Kuwait Clearing Company along with bringing a proof of that, exceptional checks will be issued.